GatorCNA Online Prep Course

This is an exciting new version of our phenomenal online CNA Prep Course! If you are interested in enrolling in the course, please register using our main website!


  • Why choose GatorCNA?

    GatorCNA is dedicated to our students passing the Florida State Nursing Assistant exam. This prep class is a fast-paced prep class designed to train people to take the state certification exam. We do not train students to be CNAs, but to pass the state exam. All students get individual attention. We focus on the skills and written parts of the state exam. We offer additional training opportunities should you want to practice skills before your scheduled test date. We are here to help.

  • Challenging the State Exam

    challenging state exam No previous experience is required to take the state exam. You are allowed to challenge the state exam without ever stepping into a classroom. CNA Prep Course at GatorCNA is designed to tutor students who believe that they can pass the exam without traditional training. If you fail one portion of the test three times within a two-year period, you will have to do a state-approved training program that is at least 120 hours long. You will then need to take both the written and clinical tests again.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    GatorCNA will refund 100% your CNA prep course fee, if after three times, you do not pass the state exam. We are confident with our tutoring and CNA review modules, that you will pass the state exam. All attempts to pass the state exam must be within one year of taking your first CNA prep course with GatorCNA. Contact us for more details about our 100% money back guarantee.


  • What is the difference between the two prices offered for the class?

    We offer two price options for the GatorCNA program. The $389 price includes Basic Life Support CPR. This is the correct CPR that someone would need to begin working in the medical field. If you are already CPR certified, then the $349 is the option that someone would want to select.

  • How often are the classes offered and how long do they last?

    We offer three classes a week to try and give a variety of options for our students and their busy schedules. The class is only 2-4 days long, over the course of one week. This course is not multiple weeks long.

  • Does this meet the requirements for a 120-hour program?

    No, this class is only a preparation course to assist you with passing the CNA state exam.